Book your scooter with a click

Without terminal

A smartphone by hand, locate and book your Ryde in 1 click.

No Limit

Drive without limit anywhere in Ile-De-France.

No commitment

Without subscriptions, per-minute pricing, you only pay for what you roll.

Getting around has never been so Easy

Smartphone in your hand,
Rent a Ryde in 1 click.

1 – In A single click,
Book your Ryde wherever you are.
3 – Want to stop for a bit?
Then press pause.
Ryde-Rent A scooter
2-then unlock your scooter
from your smartphone.
4 – Finally to stop the race,
Press "Finish my Ryde"

An unbeatable price!

Drive by the minute but above all the quiet spirit you are insured by the biker's mutual during your travels.


You're a FreeRyder.

You pay a minute after you rent.


You're a PowerRyder.

You buy 90 min of credit for €18.
You're charged on your credit.